Sunday, June 6, 2010


It is amazing how much time can be spent working on your digital images in post production. Here are a few things that I have realized I can do in shooting and editing to greatly save time and improve my work flow.

The first thing is don't shoot a million pictures of the same thing. With film you had to be much more selective with each shot because it cost lots of money. With digital we can really go crazy with the amount of images captured. Don't do it. I find that I usually get what I am looking for in the first few frames, then its all the same from there. And I find that models tend to get bored if you stay with the same look too long (it reads in the pictures).

The next thing is don't second guess your first reaction to an image when your are in the "getting rid stuff" stage. Usually if there is something about the photo that makes you say, "its good, but..." than you might as well just get rid of it right away rather than wasting time sifting through it again. You can fix any photo with editing if you need to but it is not ideal. Save PhotoShop for touching up the details.

And of course you are going to want to use a good editing program that allows you do actions recipes and batch process. I guess the industry standard would e the Adobe programs but I also like DPP that comes with Canon stuff (I figure it is made for the camera after ll). And knowing how to use them helps greatly. YouTube has just about anything you might want to know about anything so do some research.

So by keeping these simple things in mind you can be far more productive (time is money) spend less time in front of the computer and be out shooting more! -Joah

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