Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Aperture and Life

Aperture as it pertains to life; The concept of aperture in photography is a great analogy for the way we should look at the world. As we know, when our aperture is wide open it will allow us to see more clearly when there is little light, and to focus more sharply on one specific point. This can be a value in its self, but can leave us blinded when looking for the big picture. If our aperture is closed down it will allow for a longer focal range and in life this can be very helpful in seeing what lies ahead. But, if our aperture is closed to much then the entire image becomes flat and lacks perspective. So, just like a good photographer, who adjusts aperture according to the situation to produce a desired effect, we too need to keep our aperture dynamic so that we can see the world for both its big picture and its fine detail. -Joah

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